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Generation Green began with a mission to create awareness by educating consumers and offering safe, eco friendly alternatives.

Many consumers are beginning to question ingredients, and the possible risks these products could have on their health. That was how it started for me, and it all began with a bottle of shampoo! I remember shopping with EWG’s Skin Deep app, punching in ingredients for two hours, and feeling so frustrated and angry that companies were trying to make me believe that by using the words “Natural” or “Organic” they could fool me! When we start with a small change, like a bottle of shampoo, it snowballs. We then start looking at not only the cosmetics and skincare products we are using on a daily basis, but then it leads to what we are putting in our bodies as well as around us in our environment. “In, On, Around”, it all matters in our quest to live healthier lives.

At Generation Green, we believe we learn best as a community. We don’t make claim to be experts, but we are passionate in our own personal quests, and genuinely care about our customers. We research every product before bringing it in to our store, and sample ourselves before it hits the shelves.

Our customers have been instrumental in helping us grow, not only by their support, but also with suggestions and recommendations. We really feel we have found some of the best safe alternatives in skincare, cosmetics, cleaning products, household items, and food products. Many of our products are proudly made in Manitoba and we love being able to support them! We are also excited to see such a demand for baby and pregnancy alternatives! By reducing the risks of toxin intake from the beginning offers a great start for baby as well as mom.

If your just beginning on your journey to healthier living, remember it’s one step at a time, one product at a time, but each change will make a difference!